Multi-lingual Contract-Management


Multi-lingual Contract-Management TSContract 6, like its predecessor, offers the possibility to run the software in several languages. Currently, German and English are envisaged, other languages are possible due to the modular structure of the program. Multilingualism affects not only the interface but also values such as currencies or dates. Languages in a network Of course, …

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Required hardware software contract-management

Required hardware and software

Required hardware software contract-management In order to be able to operate TSContract 6, the following hardware and software requirements should be met. Software requirements Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64 Bit operating system while using the standard version. For the Professional version on a network, TSContract can be installed on a 32-bit operating system client computer. The database …

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Contract-Management and files

Contracts and files

Contract-Management and files Contracts and Contacts can now be directly allocated almost any file to the contract management TSContract 6. These files are directly transferred to the database. In a network (Pro version only) they are directly available to all users. Of course, the original files are not changed, only “copies” are imported into the …

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Contract-Management team

Contract management in the team

Contract management in the team With the Pro version of TSContract, multiple agents can simultaneously access a common set of contracts in a network The software allows you to include any files in the database and assign them to their contracts. This allows them to digitize their contract documents using a scanner and then store …

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Manage appointments

Manage appointments

Manage appointments and due dates In TSContract 6, you can now assign any appointments to any contract, contact, or file. At each appointment, you can set whether and when you want to be reminded of this date in the contract management. In the schedule, you will find all the dates, sorted according to urgency. Filter, …

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contract management


Contract-Management Contract management refers to all management activities which deal, among other things, with the administration, adjustment, processing, and updating of the contracts.  In doing so, it may be useful to entrust part of these routine tasks to a software such as the contract management TSContract. Applications such as contract management TSContract are predestined to …

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