Contract data cloud based

Your contract data in the cloud

More and more online services, some of them are free, offers to you to manage your contract data in the cloud.

This offer is also often connected to the feature to search and offer better contracts for you. Such services as “Deadline monitoring” often added as a feature, too.

Of course, there is actually nothing free in life. You are paying for these services with the disclosure of your contract data to at least a third party.

Your contracts in the Cloud

Basically, there is nothing wrong with keeping your contract data in the Cloud. This article shouldn’t be pleading for or against saving of data in the Cloud. It is almost impossible to avoid this or keeping track of it. Nowadays a lot of your personal is already moved to the cloud. And this will increase steadily. Indeed, contract data are private, very sensitive data which needs strong protection. For a company, the disclosure of their contract data can have catastrophic results.

The alternative for your contracts

A possible alternative to the disclosure of your contracts to the cloud is the use of a contract management such as TSContract in your network or on your computer. Also here you are reminded about the expiry of contract deadlines and you can write termination letters. The best of this variant is: No data needs to leave your computer, as long as you do not want it.

You can still request offers for new or better contracts on the Internet. You have all the necessary contract data in TSContract available with one click. Why not use these data to find necessary contracts without having to reveal a lot of. or better to say all, contract data to the cloud ?. And it is you who decides which data you want to give to those services.

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