Contract management at home

Contract Management at home

Use of contract management at home – The use of contract management, such as TSContract 6, can also be useful and effective in the private sector.

More and more contracts demand attention and consideration.

Manage contracts

There are a lot of contracts in the private sector. Especially those, whose running time will always be prolonged, if one missed the notice period once again, can be managed well in TSContract 6. You can set one or more appointments for each contract and are always reminded of due dates or payments. Create a list of all appointments as an Excel spreadsheet or import them into an ICAL-enabled appointment management.

Do not miss a notice period

The appointment management in TSContract 6 gives you an overview of all appointments at any time. Color-coded so you never miss a notice period or payment period. Create an overview of the contract costs to better control your expenses. The German version, TSVertrag 6 contains the same features.

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