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TSContract – Managing contracts made easy

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Contract management in the team

With the Pro version of TSContract, multiple agents can simultaneously access a common set of contracts in a network

The software allows you to include any files in the database and assign them to their contracts.

This allows them to digitize their contract documents using a scanner and then store them as a PDF file in the database. This is immediately available to them when the contract data is called up in the program.

Manage contracts on the network

The management of contract data in a network with contract management TSContract offers the great advantage that all team members can access the same data. Changes are immediately available to all other users.

Manage contracts

Managing contracts can be an elaborate and error-prone task. With software such as TSContract, you are relieved of many routine tasks involved in contract management. You can record and manage all contracts in a central database, which can also be done in a network with several computers. Thus, a whole team can work together on a contract.