Contract-Management versions

The contract management software TSContract 6 is available in several versions. These versions are based on the same program, but are differently released by the license key.

Standard version

This version is intended for use on a computer. It contains everything necessary for the operation of contract management. This version also corresponds to the free trial version. In contrast, the number of records is not restricted in the paid standard version.

 Pro version

The Pro (fessional) version corresponds to the standard version. In addition, the Pro version is network-compatible, that is, this version of the contract management TSVertrag allows operation in a network. You can have an “unlimited” number of client installations on a network, but all must access a common database.

 Terminal server version

For the specific application, where a standard version must be network-capable, there is the terminal server version. This allows you to install a client that can access a database on the network. The cheaper price compared to the Pro version is the restriction, only one installation in a network.

 Contract Management versions

All versions of contract management TSVertrag, except for the free trial version, are common:

No restriction on the number of records *. Exception: with the free trial version the number of contracts is limited to 5.


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