Database Contract-Management

Save and protect data

Save and protect data – Contract-Management

Contract management can be only as good as the database it uses. The aim of TSContract 6 is to ensure that the effort you have to spend on the database itself is as little as possible.

Database Contract-Management – Nevertheless, it is important to list some details and thoughts on the used database here.

Database included

With the standard version of TSContract 6, the required database software is installed and automatically executed on your computer as a Windows service during installation. For the other versions, Terminal Server and Professional version, an additional database server is required. Here, only the client TSContract 6 software is installed and configured on the respective client-computer.

On the so-called database server itself, only the database software needs to be installed. The respective client-installations of TSContract 6 then connect to the database server via the network. These clients connect to the database using an SSL connection, which means that all communication between TSContract 6 and the database is encrypted.


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