New concept of contract management

The contract management TSVertrag 6 is a complete new development as a successor to TSVertrag 5.

The contract management TSContract 6 is a completely new development as a successor to TSContract 5. The program presents itself completely new, with a completely new code base and data model as well as a new interface, with a greatly expanded range of functions.

The contract management team works with Microsoft Office, using the new Docx and Xlsx formats for reports and correspondence. Reports and correspondence can also be created and output directly in PDF format. No Microsoft Office is required to operate TSContract. The software itself provides everything necessary.

In addition to managing contracts and contacts, the program also provides the necessary correspondence. For example, notice letters or contract texts can be created very easily. Templates can be created very easily in Microsoft Office without much previous knowledge.

An extensive appointment management with reminder functions helps you not to miss appointments. With just a few clicks, you can create a suitable letter at an appointment, such as an offer to extend a contract or a contract termination.

Data files could now be added directly to the database. They can be assigned to contracts and contacts. A new system for managing user rights and group rights takes care of your data. Data access can be granted very fine to only those users who need to see the data.


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